Terms & Conditions

  1. Rental period is 7 days not including day of delivery unless otherwise specified on customer invoice. Rental includes 1 time delivery and 1 time pickup, if the customer requests a move of the dumpster after we drop it and leave then a move charge will be added. Replacements/swaps, or “empty and returns” are just like renting a new dumpster and all of the original costs will be charged again and the weight/rental days start over.
  2. Disposal tonnages included in pricing are listed below unless otherwise specified on customer invoice:
    • 10 yard – 1 ton
    • 15 yard – 2 tons
    • 20 yard – 3 tons
    • 25 yard – 4 tons
    • 30 yard – 5 tons
    • 40 yard – 5 tons
  3. Tonnage exceeding what is above or what is listed on your invoice will be billed additionally at $65.00 per ton.
  4. Customer must call to schedule removal at least one day in advance. The dumpster will not be removed automatically on the last day of the rental period. Once the rental period has expired, extra days will be billed at $10.00 per day for 10- & 15-yard dumpsters, $15 per day for 20- & 25-yard dumpsters and $20 per day for 30 yard and larger dumpsters. Dumpsters kept longer than 30 days will be charged for the daily overages on a bi-weekly basis until dumpster is picked up. Customers are welcome to keep the container as long as they need. Move fees to move a dumpster after initial delivery will be charged as hourly truck usage including time from the shop and back to the shop at a rate of $150 an hour plus fuel.
  5. Do not fill container past “Load Fill Line” labeled on container. If filled over this line a dry run fee of $150 will be charged, customer will need to empty load to correct fill line and schedule a new pickup date. Customer will be responsible for any daily overages/other fees incurred due to rescheduling the pickup date due to the dry run.
  6. Loading a container over the maximum weight limit may result in a container too heavy to be safely hauled. In this event, the customer is responsible for a dry run fee of $150.00 and unloading the container until the weight allows it to be safely hauled. Failure to comply will result in the container being emptied on the service site as well as an additional round-trip haul charge of $150.00 will be owed.
  7. Maximum tonnage permitted per container: If the weight of the box exceeds these tonnages theassigned truck may be unable to pick up the container and a larger truck will need to be sent
    • 10 yard – 5 tons
    • 15 yard – 5 tons
    • 20 yard – 5 tons
    • 25 yard – 12 tons
    • 30 yard – 12 tons
    • 40 yard – 12 tons
  8. Due to the weight of dirt, rock, concrete, sod, sand, gravel, asphalt, and shingles rates and tonnage may differ from the information listed above. Changes in these will be listed on the customer’s invoice. Clean fill “flat rate” containers must be only clean fill concrete, dirt, or aggregate. If mixed with Trash/Construction debris, etc. standard tonnage rates will apply.
  9. CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITY: Driveway Dumpsters is not responsible for any damage beyond the curb line.
    We can place the container wherever dictated by the customer but cannot be responsible for cracked driveways, broken concrete, water lines, underground tanks, rust spots, damaged fencing or landscaping (including lawns), septic systems, etc. that occurred due to placement of the container whether by the delivery truck or the container itself.
    Customer must assure a minimum of 15’ overhead clearance for all power, phone, internet, cable, and any other lines/structures/trees. Customer releases Driveway Dumpsters and holds harmless DD against all claims, and damage to property arising out of CUSTOMER’S use, operation, or possession of the roll-off container. Company shall not be liable to CUSTOMER for failure to perform the services due to events beyond its control, including but not limited to strikes, riots, fires, Floods, and governmental actions, changes in law, weather, traffic, or acts of God. Customers should mark and advise all drivers of possible hazards prior to delivery. Unless otherwise quoted, our prices include only one hooking and unhooking of a dumpster. Any requests to place a new dumpster in the exact location of a dumpster scheduled to be removed may result in a $40 “double hook fee”. This action results in a considerable amount of activity on the part of the driver and, at his/her and management’s discretion, this request may be denied. Driver retains the right to deny placement in a requested location based upon safety and/or site considerations.
  10. Customer is responsible for payment and display of street permits if required by city, county, or township law. If a violation is issued by the city for “no permit” the customers card on file will be charged for the fee amount.
  11. Customers are responsible for damage to container beyond reasonable wear and tear. When using machinery to load containers, please be careful. Customer is also responsible for damageto the container from items such as paint/non standard wear and tear.
  12. Materials not accepted at our disposal facility include:
    • Toxic Waste
    • Hazardous Waste
    • Tires
    • Paint – Liquid
    • Used Oil
    • Antifreeze
    • Lead Acid Batteries
    • Un-flattened Barrels
    • Un-flattened Drums
    • Propane Tanks
    • Asbestos
    • Flammable Liquids
  13. Customers will assume and be responsible for any fines, violations, or penalties arising from content in container.
  14. If any materials not accepted are found in a load upon returning to our facility/landfills, (examples, Asbestos, tires, barrels, paint, etc.) the customer will be billed additionally at $25.00 to $100 per item or our costs plus 10% whichever is greater. Any other items not listed that are billed to DD can/will be passed on at the cost plus 10%
  15. Driveway Dumpsters is not responsible for any injury sustained while loading or using our container.
  16. CUSTOMERS Agreement to Pay for Services: The Customer shall pay to Driveway Dumpsters the service charge, and adjustments as set forth in this contract. The rate for the proper disposal of the contents of the roll off container is indicated by the customer signature on the accompanying invoice or USE of the dumpster provided. Additional fuel charges may apply, and if so, will be noted on said invoice. Driveway Dumpsters may impose, and the Customer shall pay a late fee of one and one half (1.5%) per month or eighteen percent (18%) annually on all past due accounts. Driveway Dumpsters may terminate this agreement if Customer fails to pay the service charge or should the credit worthiness of the Customer not be acceptable to Driveway Dumpsters. Advance payment shall be required for all Customers not having pre-approved credit with Driveway Dumpsters. No container will be removed unless payment is secured.
  17. Cancellation: Driveway Dumpsters reserves the right to keep up to 50% of the initial payment if customer cancels service after payment has been received to cover costs of overhead. If customer refuses delivery after the driver is on site and states (they canceled the order) and we do not have proof they attempted to cancel a minimum of $150 dry run fee will also be assessed.
  18. If customer is not on site for container delivery and no signature is obtained, the use of this dumpster will be considered agreement to the above Terms and Conditions.
  19. Changes in Terms: Driveway Dumpsters Inc. may revise these terms & conditions at any time without notice. By using any produce/service provided by Driveway Dumpsters Inc. you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these terms & conditions.

General notice to customers re potential rate increase in light of Senate Bill 119

Driveway Dumpsters Inc strives to provide its customers with services at fair and competitive prices/rates. Our rates are based on the prevailing economic, financial and commercial conditions affecting the C&DD industry, and we review our rate schedule on an annual basis to be sure it remains appropriate under the current and near-term market forces. We also review our rate schedule in response to certain events that are likely to have a material effect on the cost of the services that we provide. Please note that one such event that may result in the increase of our current rate schedule is the passage of Ohio Senate Bill 119, which authorizes a solid waste management district in which a C&DD disposal facility is located to levy a disposal fee of $1 to $2/ton on C&DD and asbestos material generated within the district or out of state, and a disposal fee of $2 to $4/ton on C&DD generated in state but outside of the district’s jurisdiction.

Driveway Dumpsters Inc reserves the right to increase the prices/rate schedule under this contract if there is any change in applicable law and/or material change in Driveway Dumpster Inc’s direct costs to perform under this contract.